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Boston Children’s Hospital Art Mobiles

Space mobiles in a play room.

Space mobiles in a play room.

I recently completed a large commission of 6 sets of mobiles for play rooms in Boston Children’s Hospital.  The hospital has gone out of its way to make the children’s visits less scary and intimidating by filling the floors with child friendly art.  Each floor has a  play room full of games and toys for kids to play with when they are recuperating and well enough.  Many floors have a theme which I carried into my sculptures.  Here you can see 2 space mobiles in a play room on the “Space” floor.  All of the mobiles are made out of acrylic sheet and brass wire.  Some have wood and paper elements too, which had to be fireproofed for this project.  The spaces were challenging because of a central beam in each recessed space.  In order to fill the space part of the mobile needed to remain stationary.


CH Garden mobile fw

Garden mobiles in Boston Children’s Hospital



Here are my “Garden” themed mobiles in another play room.  I loved using the vibrant colors that they requested.  Who doesn’t love orange?



Garden detail

And a detail of some of the flowers which have some sand blasted texture on their faces.


There are 4 more kinetic art installations – 2 fish themed, 1 with leafy branches and another Garden theme with dragonflies that you can see on my website.  I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity to add color and lightness to this hospital setting for these special patients.  Photos by Don Ross.