Latest mobile installations

Studio shot of Branches

Studio shot of Branches

Four more mobiles were installed this week in playrooms in Children’s Hospital.  Yay!  I haven’t been present to watch the installations but my gallerist, took a few pics to share. (Getting professional photos is on my list!)  The spaces that I’m working with at the hospital are quite unusual. Branches installation As you can see a beam causes these octagonal ceiling recesses to be more rectangular than round.  Our solution has been to create two mobiles that hang on either side of the beam, creating one large sculpture.  Every room has a different theme.  Here is the Branch mobile installation.  You can see the true colors in my studio shot.  I have 3 more mobiles to finish before this project is complete.  Back to the studio…….

Art Mobiles for Children’s Hospital

Acrylic butterflies

Butterflies after heat forming.

I am very excited about my new commission of mobiles for Children’s Hospital in Boston.   I am working with gallery owner Betty Bothereau of L’Attitude Gallery where I show, to complete 12 mobiles for play rooms in the hospital.  I visited the hospital for the first time last week.  It is sad to think of a 10 floor hospital dedicated just to children, but these colorful mobiles will hopefully brighten their spirits during their stay.  One of the challenges of the hospital setting is that the art has to be washable and fire proof.   Even on the ceiling!   So I am using acrylic and wire for most of the sculptures and soaking any wood or paper I use with fireproofing liquid.   This product is commonly used in theaters it turns out.   Here you can see butterfly shapes after heat forming.  These shapes were laser cut by a “fab lab” from Cambridge.  What a time saver!  They will be incorporated into a garden themed mobile after some detail is added using a sand blasting type technique.

I am picking up with this post after the installation.  There was no time for good photography but here you can see some of the textured elements that were incorporated into the mobile.  I hope to visit the hospital to get installation shots sometime this summer.  In the mean time, I’m back to work on the next groups which have a forest and ocean theme.

Butterflies for the Garden Mobile

Butterflies for the Garden Mobile

Kinetic Art – Fall Show Line Up

Today I head to Northampton, MA for the Paradise City Arts Fest.  This year the fair falls on Columbus Day weekend, so it’s a great time to take a drive to see the foliage and discover some great art.  Here’s a piece I just finished in time for the show.

Kinetic wall sculpture

I started it months ago, but couldn’t resolve how to finish it until I printed the colorful paper that I incorporated.  Some how it all fell into place then.  This kinetic wall piece is approximately 54″ H x 16″ W x 9″ D and is made of foam board, wood, reed and hand painted papers.  I’m still pondering what title to give it.  Suggestions?  Come see me in booth #808 this weekend to see this and other sculptures.  If you can’t make it I’ll also be showing in NYC at the American Craft Show in the Jacob Javits Center, October 19, 20 & 21, booth # 142 and the Paradise City Arts Fest in Marlborough, MA,  November 16,17,18, booth #352. See you at the show!