Cleaning up in 2013

With the new year beginning it was time to clean up my studio from the chaos that I created in my rush to finish special Christmas orders.  As you can see in my before photo, there really wasn’t any room on my bench to work.  And while sometimes the serendipity of disparate items resting near each other leads to inspiration, at some point you just have to clean up so you have a place to work again.  I even went out and bought another set of shelves.  You can now walk through my studio without watching your step.  That’s the thing about creating in mixed media.  There’s a lot of “stuff” that just might find its way into your next piece.  In the mean time….you need to find a place to store it.

So now that I’m organized I can set my sights on the projects ahead.  I will be a featured artist in  the Collective gallery in Woodstock, VT from April till September.  I’ll be showing in Craft Boston April 19-21 and I’ll be part of a two person show at The Brandon Artists Guild in May and June.  So there’s lots to do!  Stay tuned for progress reports.  I just wonder how long my studio will stay clean?